Youve got a locally successful product.Youve invested in promoting it internationally.Yet you still cant accelerate the growth?

How to efficiently gain momentum in global markets sooner rather than later?

To entice varied international audiences of different business, social, normative and behavioural conditioning will require to adequately position your global brand and communicate your unique value proposition to be positioned and communicated using the language of your new markets. Especially now under the burden of Covid-19.

What does it mean to your business?

Your current brand name or image may not be sufficient to win global hearts and wallets. To gain interest and trust in a bigger pool of options, it may have to become more impressive and memorable. Maybe even exciting enough for a highly influential group that you can’t afford not talking about it.

Your low-key Kiwi communication approach will need to be more direct and persuasive in some parts of the world (for example the USA) while elsewhere becoming more detailed or formal (for example Germany).

The adaptation process to accelerate your global traction.

Our international team native to markets can help you in three stages:

  1. Precise, international perception validation of your unique value proposition, brand and communication.

    You will get definite insights, pointing out areas of opportunity for improvement.

  2. Plan necessary optimisation, free of your local assumptions or biases.

    You will receive a detailed plan for deliverables, timeframes and completion costs.

  3. Brand and communication strategy and marketing assets delivery for your global-market-ready venture.

    You will be equipped with all the customer-facing media necessary to win the global business effectively.


What's in it for you?

  1. Your promotional activity will start generating better-fit leads and higher conversion.
  2. You will be earning more enquiries and product trials, prospects ready to be nurtured.
  3. The comprehensive report backed by improved sales can help you secure investors or further funding.
  4. Our swift delivery will ensure that you will make the most of new global market shifts and new openings caused by the Covid-19 crisis.
  5. Your brand equity will greatly increase over time.

Why us?

Over the last 10 years, we’ve supported dozens of international & New Zealand businesses and brands in positioning for success in their local and overseas markets.

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