With over 40 year’s experience in beekeeping, Happy Valley Honey as part of Melita Group is a leading supplier and exporter of quality natural bee products including Manuka honey.

The challenge: to successfully launch a super premium product with impeccable credentials in a market where those credentials weren't immediately recognised.




  • Poland is the sixth largest economy in the EU with a population of nearly 40 million. It is also a centrally located hub to access other valuable markets in the lucrative CEE region.
  • Manuka honey products are already recognised and appreciated in Poland.
  • Well-positioned and promoted, an exceptional product and brand like Happy Valley can swiftly win a significant market share from the majority market leader.
  • Poland already has a well-developed eCommerce culture, with continued rapid growth in online sales.
  • Over 80% of local consumers are loyal to one of the largest Manuka honey brands.
  • Recognition of the UMF® honey grading system used by Happy Valley is nearly nonexistent in Poland.
  • Other grading systems than MGO have a bad reputation due to the UK Manuka honey brands selling in the past a low-quality EU repackaged product at a premium price.
  • Dominating black brand colour is not ideal as it is not associated with the pure, clean and green image that New Zealand has in that part of the world.
  • A limited number of established distributors with a country-wide redistribution network.
  • It is difficult in Central Eastern Europe to find a partner with a good understanding of premium brand requirements.
  • After researching the market, we created a list of all potential distributor leads from which a shortlist of three was created - these three represented the best solutions for Happy Valley’s needs and from there we successfully identified and negotiated with the ideal partner.
  • We developed and offered a detailed market-entry marketing support plan that helped to secure the preferred distributor and will give Happy Valley future control over maintaining brand's consistent premium image.
  • We are efficiently delivering an online educational campaign by explaining the superiority of the UMF® product grading system, with product batch certificates available online.
  • To differentiate the Happy Valley brand from the primary and much larger competitor, based on consumer research we focussed on promoting the multi-generational, Kiwi family business aspects.
  • Having in Poland a team of native marketers and designers we were able to deploy all marketing materials and create brand curiosity and anticipation, well before the product arrived on shelves.
  • We will continue to deliver ongoing localised marketing support with all the service cost already built into the product price.
  • Within five months we secured a Polish general distributor, that was ideally suited to our client.
  • In just two months, 70% of the ambitious annual target had already been ordered.
  • We redeveloped the company story to suit local consumers and designed from scratch printed marketing materials and website that was met with a very positive response.
  • Based on organic reach and small budget advertising, within only a three months, we generated over 1000 accurately-profiled followers on the Happy Valley Polish Facebook page.
  • Through unusually proactive support with considerable attention to detail, we evoked in the distributor extra excitement and confidence in his new product, being one of many in their portfolio.
  • The Happy Valley team have praised our commitment to delivering market-launch support beyond their and the Polish distributor expectations.


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