Have you noticed that photos no longer deliver the same online impact?

Digital media consumption has vastly changed, and video content is no longer only a trend or nice-to-have.

According to explodingtopics.com, the further rise of video as a marketing tool is inexorable as it has become the most consumed and persuasive element of digital media marketing.

Over 90% of consumers want brands to produce more video, and two-thirds of social media users think short-form video is the most engaging type of content. That means video should be a key component of your social media strategy.

In addition, video storytelling is a lot more affordable than ever before.


What are video benefits?

Given that the most popular social media platforms today are Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok, compelling footage with mood-setting effects, music and sleek brand graphics can:

  • Quickly convey many messages.
  • Be personable and impact viewers emotionally.
  • Gain multifold more views, engagement and sales.
  • Stay visible longer on social feeds or even go viral.
  • Rank higher and build your SEO authority faster.

Why such a format?

Online media consumers of all ages are increasingly distracted, impatient, and fussy. So, you must quickly impress them with short, relatable video content and keep them engaged to convey your message and get a response.

Preferably, it should not just be a 'like' but an enquiry, sign-up, or purchase.

What can we deliver?

We can plan and produce powerful video stories and explainers for products, services, personal brands, businesses, and events. Our expertise ranges from creating short, impactful bites lasting just a few seconds to concise, informative videos lasting a few minutes.

Let's discuss your needs

An example of how you can present your brand in 80 seconds.

Similarly to Tongariro Water video, we can present your brand's personality, genuine provenance from a uniquely pure environment, and real-life functional product packaging in use.

Imagine how many photos and text you would need to use to achieve the same goal.

How about an impressive background video banner?

Imagine this kind of banner on your website – catching your potential clients and consumers' attention and strengthening your brand's premium positioning.

How can we tell a story in less than 2 minutes about a special event?

We can present all key aspects of your event in an entertaining way from the attendees' point of view. In the case of the International Defence Rugby Competition Opening Ceremony case, it is:

  • VIP guests.
  • Close relationships among attendees.
  • Cultural aspects of the ceremony.
  • Jovial atmosphere.
  • Event branding.
  • The venue.

Here is an example of how Highbrook Medical in Auckland explains its unique services in under two minutes.

We visually presented service unique value proposition and, to build trust in it, showed the people delivering it.

In this case, we worked along our friends at the Good CX agency, who developed the story and managed this project.

How do we go about video content creation?

1. Precise project requirements validation and a plan.

If you don’t have a brief, we will research your brand and market needs to create a clear delivery plan. This includes the style, format, scenes, script, music tone and graphics.

2. Swift production of all necessary footage.

We will direct and manage the entire production process and capture great content quickly using a pro-hand-held camera and a filmmaking drone.

3. Creative post-production to optimise the outcome.

We will select the best footage, propose colour settings and music tone, and can create motion graphics effects to deliver the exact video content and format your specific audience and digital media platforms require.

What makes us good at what we do?

Purpose & Precision

Our extensive brand and marketing experience will ensure that your video content is attractive and meaningful to meet your audience’s expectations, engage them, and win you more business.

Simplicity & Authenticity

We don’t complicate what should be simple and authentic to be persuasive because today’s digital media consumers trust more user-generated-looking content. This means that we avoid using unnecessary props, lighting or staging.

What will you gain?

You will have video content you will be proud to share, and your audience will relish watching while being influenced. Such marketing can also gain you a competitive advantage. Moreover, we offer training sessions to teach you or your team how to produce compelling video content in-house using a decent phone camera and small gimbal.

Where to start?

Get in touch to discuss your challenges, goals and video content requirements. We will swiftly propose suggestions for delivering video content to help grow your business.

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And let’s make a better impact online.